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Meet CEO Kimmy Wilson

Kimmy Wilson is a momprenuer and fashion designer from San Bernardino, Ca. Her raw talent for creating unique denim fashions sparked the brand "Rags of Riches" est 2013. She worked from her room for many years creating custom denim pieces. In 2019, she started to feel a void with making clothes struggling to maintain inventory and suddenly took a break. During that break, she started a new business in which she found a passion in the health and wellness industry after losing 40lbs. She took off in the company and earned multiple 6 figures in her first year. She then created "Fine and Paid" which is a brand where she helps women feel and look their best while helping them make money. Her passion for health and wellness sparked up her passion for fashion again. She decided to relaunch as "House of Rags" where she will display unique pieces from vintage to high end fashion. 



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text only: (909) 302-0676

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